DivinAir Charcoal Deodorizer Bag

DivinAir Charcoal Deodorizer helps whisk away odors and purify the air. Charcoal has a porous surface containing millions of micro pockets. These pockets lock in odors naturally. DivinAir charcoal has been heated to an extremely high temperature, making its surface even more spread out and porous than before.
Activated charcoal also works as an effective deterrent against moisture buildup in areas with poor airflow. The product will help break the cycle of those nasty odors that can follow you outside your home.

  • Absorb odors naturally
  • No smelly chemicals, no mess
  • Hangable design can be used anywhere
  • Rechargeable in the sun
  • Perfect for musty closets and “new furniture smell”
DivinAir Charcoal Deodorizer Bag
  • 360 ̊Absorption of Odor and Humidity
  • Optional hanging loop
  • Hard PP plastic shell and hook
  • PP cover for quick change of charcoal bag refill
  • To reuse charcoal bag insert, simply place it by a dehumidifier or let it sun dry

Packaging Includes: 1x Charcoal Deodorizer with bag installed - 1x Box

  1. DivinAir Charcoal Bags are currently only available for purchase online. Place your order through the official site.
    Hint: The more you order, the more you can save.
  2. DivinAir Charcoal Bags can be hung up, thrown in bags, or even placed inside the fridge. Ensure the vented end remains exposed.
  3. Remove the end cap and charcoal pouch for recharging its contents in the sun. It usually takes 3-5 hours to completely refresh the charcoal in this manner. The charcoal will not need to be replaced for 6-10 months.
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