KoreScale shows you so much more than just your weight. This digital smart scale uses BIA (Bioelectrical impedance analysis) technology to measure 11 key health metrics, making it easier for you to take control of your health and fitness.

  • Can sync with your phone or pair with other fitness APPs like Fitbit, Google Fit and Apple Health
  • Track 13 health metrics
  • Supports multiple user profiles
  • Tempered glass platform
  • Integrated LED display
  • 4 high-precision sensors
  • Size: 26 x 26 x 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Color: White/Silve
  • Power supply: 4 x AAA batteries
  1. Download the app: Scan the QR code on the package to download the "FeelFit" app, or search "FeelFit" in the app store on your smartphone or tablet. "FeelFit" is available for both IOS and Android devices.
  2. Turn on Korescale: Place the KoreScale on a dry area and hard ground. Step on the KoreScale's platform to wake it up. You'll see the LED display show 0.00 to start.
  3.  Pair KoreScale with your device: Turn on the Bluetooth function on your Smartphone or tablet to pair with the KoreScale. Place both your barefoot on the high-precision sensor lines and wait for 10-15s for the health metric measurements to sync.
  4. Measurement and checking body report: On your mobile device you'll now see your body report recordings. Once your profile is complete and calibrated, use KoreScale as you would a normal scale. Your body metrics will automatically be recorded in the App.
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