MindInsole Insoles utilizes the practice of reflexology and magnet therapy to massage your feet while you walk to help relieve any body pain and promote a healthier lifestyle.

The insoles are made up of a variety sized massaging nodules that stimulate the pressure points on your foot and magnets that produce gentle magnetic waves helps to draw out inflammation and increase blood circulation. You can cut these insoles to fit your exact shoe size and shoe style.

  • Fits Men’s Sizes US 6 To US 13
  • Fits Women’s Sizes US 7 to US 12
  • Weight: 0.1 kg
  • 5 magnets at 400 Gauss Strength
  • 400 Massaging Nodules
  • Size (mm): 310 * 125 * 15

All you do is slip them into your shoes. The material is flexible, and will work with any pair of shoes. You can trimming them until you feel they are the perfect fit.

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