QuietBuds Premium

Quietbuds Premium offers the same comfort and protection for your hearing with an attractive rose gold plated design. Noise constantly surrounds us, and whether we choose to listen or not, constant and loud sounds are starting to damage our hearing. Quietbuds Premium is a customizable and stylish way to protect your ears so you can tune out the things you want, and still hear what you want to hear. Quietbuds Premium offers 3 different cores designed with everyday noises and situations in mind, Commute, Concert, and Ocean Quiet Cores, so you are in control of your environment. Quietbuds Premium protects your hearing so that you can shut out the noise and tune in to the sounds you really care about.

QuietBuds Premium
  • S, M, and L Comfort Fit QuietBuds tip covers
  • 3 swappable Cores for different environments (Commute, Concert, Ocean Quiet)
  • Real 24K rose gold plated CNC Stainless steel
  • Anodized aluminum alloy carrying case
  1. Choose between the Commute, Concert, and Ocean Quiet cores
  2. Slide selected core into QuietBuds
  3. Put QuietBuds into your ears (switch out the Comfort Fit tips if needed)
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