InfinitiKloud Wireless

InfinitiKloud™ is the easiest one-click file backup solution for ALL of your devices - PC, MAC, Android and iOS. Forget bulky external hard drives and expensive cloud subscriptions - InfinitiKloud automatically backs up your files with its revolutionary hardware and easy-to-use software. And with its micro SD card slot, you have unlimited storage possibilities to backup all your important files. It also has an in-app feature called “Emergency Document” feature that lets user back up and organize their important personal documents.

InfinitiKloud™ Wireless provides a whole new experience, with its hardware improvements from the past 2 generations. Users can wirelessly back up important files and documents within its working range up to 10 meters. Its micro SD card slot can now support up to 1TB worth of space. It has 600mAh built-in battery to support wireless back up, can accommodate up to 7 different users, and supports the latest compatibility with Android and iOS devices.

InfinitiKloud Wireless
  • With 600mAh built-in battery to support wireless backup
  • Micro SD card slot that supports up to 1TB
  • Working range up to 10 meters, with transfer time of (using 1GB file):
    • 19-20 minutes for range 0-5 meters
    • 22-25 minutes for range 6-10 meters
      (the closer the device is to InfinitiKloud, the faster)
  • Pair up to 7 users
  • Supports iOS 8+ and Android 4.3+
  • USB 2.0 (Type C) for wired connection
  1. Connect your InfinitiKloud to your WiFi network
  2. Sync your InfinitiKloud to your phone/laptop/tablet
  3. Wirelessly back up your data with just one click
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