Kaydia Clip

Kaydia Clip is patented and designed to press on the HEGU point LI-4 to wipe away your pain, fast.

It is a wearable device that is 100% natural way to relieve headache and tension using pressure points.

All you do is place it between your thumb and index finger.

Kaydia Clip
  • Generic name: Kaydia Clip
  • Flexible Nylon clip
  • Grip pad with right and left hand indicator
  • Solip copper pressure tip
  • Snap fit copper & plastic so the 2 parts are fixed together
  • Other side can be flipped for other hand
  1. Hold out your hand
  2. Move your thumb to rest along your index finger. At the end of the crease between your thumb and index finger is your HeGu Li-4 point
  3. Pinch Kaydia Hand Clip onto Li4 point on hand. Make sure you can read the word "right" on the top of your right hand for correct position.
  4. Apply the same for your left hand. The word "left" on the top of your left hand for correct position.
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