InHeat - Mug Warmer and Wireless Charger

InHeat is a mug warmer & Wireless charger. It keeps your coffee/tea hot, your smartphone charged and ready to go

Wireless Qi-charging with compatible phones. Keep your favorite beverages hot

Works with Android and iOS phone models

Tasteful design complements your decor

InHeat - Mug Warmer and Wireless Charger

Generic name: InHeat

INHEAT is a Mug warmer and wireless charger. The warming pad will automatically identify if you placed the mug for warming or if you placed your smart device for wireless charging.
Keeping your drinks warm at 131°F (55°C)

Type-C wireless charger with 5~18W fast wireless charging for wireless charging enabled phones.
Lightweight and easy to use.

  1. Attach the power cord to the InHeat base. Connect the other end to the adapter or a USB port.
  2. If using the wall adapter, plug it into a nearby outlet.
  3. Place the InHeat mug on the center of the base for warming. Lay any Qi-enabled phone on top for charging
  4. Enjoy your hot beverage and the convenience of wireless charging
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