Two Hands

Two Hands is the portable, no-touch hand sanitizing device that is compact enough to take anywhere; and the best part, it doesn’t require any touch whatsoever.

  • Sanitizes hands as well as other objects like keys, phones, and more
  • No cross-contact contamination
  • Compact and portable to take anywhere
  • Anti-leak design won’t spill in your backpack
  • Eco-friendly
Two Hands

Two Hands is effortless to use, yet effective enough to kill harmful germs and bacteria. Just wave your hand above the device and it shoots a mist of disinfectant onto your hand.

Two Hands can also disinfect cell phones or other objects like your keys or your glasses! Just hold your object approximately 12cm above the sensor for complete disinfection!

How to use -  Adding Alcohol Solution:

  1. Press both sides of the bottom case to remove it from the device.
  2. Unscrew the bottle, take out the sponge stick, and pour 75% alcohol into the reservoir (don't fill the bottle more than 80% full).
  3. Put back the sponge stick, tighten the bottle, and install the bottom case. 

How to use - TWO HANDS

  1. Short press the power button once and the product will start.
  2. Place your hand (or object) a few inches above the device and it will automatically spray sanitizer.
  3. Short press the power button twice to turn off the device. If it is not used for 24hrs, the device will automatically power off.
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